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Of Fairy Wings And Glittering Crowns (Crowdfunded Fiction)
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Originally posted by karnythia at Of Fairy Wings And Glittering Crowns (Crowdfunded Fiction)
As some of you already know a few months ago we packed up and moved to Memphis. On paper it was a good plan. In execution...well, we wound up in an apartment where the floors slope at an angle so steep nothing on wheels can stay in place. One of the bedrooms has a hole in ceiling big enough to stick my arm through that we've been trying to get fixed since the week we moved in. And then there's the roach problem (complete with a nest inside the dishwasher), which...let's just say that we landed with the worst landlord possible and he shows no signs of getting better. Fortunately our lease is month to month. Unfortunately, having been here for the last six weeks we have discovered that we don't like Memphis. At all.

We're a family of walkers and Memphis is not pedestrian friendly in the slightest. We do have access to a car, but we hate having to drive everywhere. The kids were excited in the beginning, but between the apartment issues and the lack of playmates at any of the parks (it is too hot to play outside and the pools aren't open yet) they're miserable. We'd rather cut our losses now, instead of moving into another apartment in a city that we don't love in the first place. It doesn't help that having attracted the attention of the Cult of The Fetus (aka Jill Stanek & her followers) a few weeks ago, I don't feel super safe here. As silly as it may sound we're ready to head back to Chicago and accept that we are really Chicago kids. But, the expenses of moving down here mean we don't have enough cash to pay bills here, find a new place, and afford all the attendant costs of reworking our lives all over again. In theory we would eventually earn enough to swing it, but that would mean being here for months and we really don't want to do that.

So, I'm offering up a YA novel Of Fairy Wings And Glittering Crowns to be written in 60 days and posted chapter by chapter at Atypical Princess. I'll be posting the plot synopsis and character sketches today with an eye towards posting the first chapter tomorrow. There's a Chip In widget below that's not quite accurate (I got a couple of donations yesterday), but will still provide a way for folks to keep track of our goal. If you can't donate I still want you to read, after all what's the point of fiction if you can't share it? All I ask is that if you like it, you link it to your friends and family for their perusal. Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I plan to enjoy writing it.

Selena Newly grew up in a family that took the fun out of dysfunctional. Sharing a house with a mother that never wanted her, aunts who detest each other, and a grandmother that has them all at the mercy of her purse strings hasn't exactly made for an idyllic childhood. In fact it has left her yearning for adulthood since she was old enough to walk. The day her mother throws her out is the best and worst day of her life. She is free, but she has nowhere to go, and no idea how she's going to support herself. When the door into Altanur opens it seems like the answer to all her childhood prayers. Her family isn't really her family, and she's a fairy princess. Unfortunately she's about to learn the hard way that everything has a price, and sometimes that price may be too high.

I'm blogging across two platforms. Feel free to comment here or there. You decide!

what's going on with "tulpa" right now
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Originally posted by afro_dyte at what's going on with "tulpa" right now
Let all your LJ followers know that Tulpa, or Anne&Me will be debuting here in NYC at the Robert Moss Theater (440 Studios) on June 2 at 6pm, June 3 at 4pm, June 16 at 8pm, and June 19 at 8:15pm.

You can buy your tickets now by going to https://www.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/822145.

Each show will be followed by a brief post-show discussion. Please come, watch, and share.

If you can’t make it to the show, consider supporting Tulpa by donating the price of a ticket ($18) to Crossroads Theatre Project by visiting https://www.fracturedatlas.org/donate/3503 or clicking on the Fractured Atlas button below:

Donate now!

Help spread the word! Repost and/or link this via LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blog, and/or other social media.

how to help my show without spending money
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Originally posted by afro_dyte at how to help my show without spending money
As you probably know by now (and are sick of me squeeing about), a full production of my play, Tulpa, or Anne&Me is premiering here in NYC this June as part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. What's great about PCTF is that they're an eco-friendly festival that's also about raising awareness (and money) for various causes. I'm doing my show to raise awareness for The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, a grassroots organization dedicated to undoing racism. Hopefully, at least one person per performance (4 people total) will attend one of the People's Institute's Undoing Racism workshops.

One of the results of finding this out in mid-April is that we have 6 weeks to do what people with some sense would take 6 months or so to do. People have to wear a few hats to get stuff done, but I'm good because I keep busy and feel creative and useful.

Among the many things on my To Do list is reaching out to people to spread the word about the show. So we had someone cook up a lovely little e-postcard you can pass around to your friends and co-workers, who can pass it along to their friends/co-workers, and so on. Isn't she adorable?

I know that not everyone lives in the center of the world NYC, so getting friends to come see with the show with you is not an option. Nevertheless, there are still some things you can do. For example:
  • Follow the main character on Twitter (Afrodyke) and bring your followers along
  • Reach out to 3 blogs and/or LJ comms with readers in NYC (including yours!)
  • If you're going to be in NYC, come see the show and bring a friend (or 10).
In the midst of extolling my artistic virtues (brilliant, creative, genius, blahblahblah), remember to tell them why it means a lot to you that this work is happening. Here's our promo video (and a link to our IndieGoGo page) to help.

Update: The date & venue for the video are incorrect, as you can tell by the updated e-postcard.

BTW, don't forget to mention the People's Institute.

Thanks for your help.

helping my show without spending money, part deux
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Originally posted by afro_dyte at helping my show without spending money, part deux
Do you like to draw? Are you a fan of indie comics? How would you like to get artistic credit for a bit of theatre?

Tulpa, or Anne&Me
could use a bit of cover and interior art for the Afrodyke comic referenced in the play (in this scene)

How many
: up to you
Style: [Name] is influenced more by the clean, simple style of manga than by the busyness of DC or Marvel comics. She's more Archie than X-men. Some of what she does is unfinished, so works in progress are OK too. As far as story and text are concerned, no one's going to read it, so it's OK to put in gibberish.
Size: Something I can print out at home. [Name] is an independent, unknown artist, so she uses what's readily available to her.
Due date: May 24
Send via: E-mail. PM me for info
Color & such: In my head, Afrodyke is in black & white, but what's most important is how it works.
Notes: Remember to SIGN YOUR NAME! Even if you prefer your LJ handle, I can't give Anonymous all the credit

Feel free to

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U GUISE! I want this.



I wish it wasn't $48, but :D.

Livejournal Notification?
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I'm not getting them until days later. Anyone else having this problem?

Check This Out and Give Support (trust, this isn't fishphile spamming you)
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Hoping to boost the signal a bit. Check it out! http://afro-dyte.livejournal.com/83092.html?view=277396#t277396 I wish I could get fancier, but I have limited patience with lj on my ipod. Still, check out the link and, no, it's not spam; it's all about a very well written play.

My patience is low today...
private practice, audra mcdonald
much lower than normal.

Ah, yes
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I was just reminded why I sometimes dislike ontd_feminism.

Whoa, Migraine From Hell
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My. Head. Hurts. Really. Badly.

So much for not having a migraine for a long time. I'm going to bed right now.


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