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28 days later, a christmas story, allison blake, anne lamott, books, boondocks, c.s. lewis, cyberpunk, demon hunter, eureka, fantasy, farscape, firebird, firefly, fishbone, flannery o' connor, frank peretti, gina torres, golden girls, goth, gothic, hardcore, horror, industrial, j.r.r tolkein, joss whedon, journals, law and order svu, lost, melinda warner, metal, ncis, neil gaiman, nightstalker, octavia butler, orson scott card, out of eden, pearls before swine, politics, poltergeist the legacy, private practice, punk, pushing daisies, rivethead, saviour machine, sci-fi, serenity, sex gang children, siouxsie and the banshees, ska, stargate atlantis, tamara tunie, the clash, the dead 60's, tim burton, vegetarian, veronica mars, virgin black, wedding party, wnrn, writing, x-files, xena
I love music, politics, speculative fiction, writing, books, movies and history.

My screen name is a combination of two loves. The fish comes from the California-based ska/funk group named fishbone and the phile comes from the name that obsessed x-file fans call themselves.

My Audra McDonald/Naomi from Private Practice Icon comes courtesy of flatters